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Case Study Clearwater Estate Agents

Case study: Clearwater Estate Agents

The property sales and rental market has changed massively in the past 20 years. The internet is the first port of call for buyers, renters, landlords – properties go online, viewings are arranged, sales and tenancies soon follow.

So it stands to reason that an estate agent needs a website that works 24/7 in a variety of formats, not only on the popular browsers (Chrome, Firefox, as well as Internet Explorer) but also on tablets and even mobile phones. This allows people to browse on the go, while commuting to work, for example – perfect in today’s time-poor society.

Richard Cross has been running Clearwater from Penn Hill in Poole for 11 years so has viewed these changes in the business first-hand.

“IT issues cause unpredictable downtime, which ultimately leads to a loss of income,” said Richard. “What’s more, it’s essential that we are au fait with modern tech as it creates a great first impression for our clients.”

Richard has been working with The Laptop Fixers for two years. “We called them in to deal with an urgent issue and were very impressed with the service offered at that initial stage,” said Richard. “Not only did they resolve the particular issue, they also set up new, more robust systems that improved our output almost instantly”.

“Since then, they have been on hand whenever we need them and always work with honesty, integrity and transparency – it’s an excellent service.”

Next, The Laptop Fixers helped them move onto a cloud-based system to help with mobile working and provide added backup. They now monitor the website and also help with the team’s PCs, tablets, laptops, mobiles and other hardware.

Most importantly, they have put together a ‘proactive system monitoring’ package which minimises downtime.

“Any downtime can prove particularly costly – hundreds, maybe thousands, of pounds could be lost in revenue,” said Richard. “The Laptop Fixers offer a prompt service and, what’s more, they are friendly as well as informative and knowledgeable.

“They provide excellent customer service, too.”

Paul Betteridge, from The Laptop Fixers, said: “We work with all sorts of businesses – big and small – and our team has such a wide skill set that we can deal with almost any IT problem you can name.

“We are very happy to hear that Clearwater are satisfied with our service.”

Running a business is, of course, stressful – having The Laptop Fixers on speed dial takes the guesswork out of dealing with IT woes.

“Like any business owner, it gives me tremendous peace of mind to know that everything is working and under control,” said Richard. “It also helps that The Laptop Fixers do absolutely everything IT-related so, as we embrace new technology, we know that we have experts in our corner to advise us.”