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Data Recovery Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Ringwood, Ferndown, Dorset

The Laptop Fixers can recover your precious deleted photos, formatted hard disk and damaged partitions. With specialist tools and knowledge we can attempt to recover almost any data from your hard disk, usb flash drive, CD & DVDs, iPod, iPhone and mobile phones.



iPhone and iPad photo recovery?

The Laptop Fixers are data recovery specialists able to recover data from almost any iPad, iPhone, Android and Mobile device including Samsung devices.

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Damaged hard Drive? STOP! Don’t make it worse! Trust your hard drive to Data Recovery professionals!

Your hard disk drive is a mechanical device and its a matter of WHEN it fails, not IF it fails! Hard disks can fail without warning and if you dont have any backups will take all your precious photos and data with them!

The Laptop Fixers offers both physical and logical data recovery service.

Logical Data Recovery involves recovering files that has been deleted for formatted or your hard disk partition has become corrupted. Although we cannot always guarantee the integrity of your drive, we have a very high success rate for deleted file recovery.

Physical Data Recovery involves rebuilding damaged hard disk drives that often involve very labour intensive work rebuilding damaged hard disk components.  This type of recovery is performed at our Data Labs in dust free rooms by our experienced data recovery experts.

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Here are some of the most common data recovery services we provide:


Apple Mac / iPad / iPhone Data Recovery Service

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Like any computer, Apple devices also suffer from hard disk failure and data loss.  Mac OS X and iOS operating systems can be more labour intensive to recover photos but is possible.  Please contact us for a quote to recover your data from your apple device.


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