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GHD Repairs

Most Common GHD Repairs

Select your GHD repair below from the list of our most common problems or if you are unsure of the problem get in touch for a free quote.

GHDs Not Turning On GHDs Not Heating Up GHDs Making Crackling Noises Unsure, Free Diagnostics

Price List

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The Laptop Fixers repair any GHDs including Mk3, Mk4, Mk5 and Mk6 GHDs.  Any problem is repaired including power on or heating up to crackling noises and broken GHD arms.

If your problem is not listed we offer totally a free diagnosis service, simply book your repair into any of our shops and we will contact you with a fixed price to repair for your GHDs.  If we cannot fix it, we do not charge anything!

Do you have GHD hair straighteners that won’t turn on, broken arms or not getting as hot as they used to?

The Laptop Fixers in Poole, Bournemouth and Dorset can repair them from as little as £29.99.

If your GHDs have any of the following issues then we can fix them:

  • GHDs not turning on
  • GHDs wont heat up
  • GHDs not hot enough
  • Broken GHD Arms
  • Damaged GHD heating plates
  • Broken GHD casing
  • GHD Replacement Mains Cable needed

Please drop your GHDs off into any of our repair shops for FREE PROBLEM DIAGNOSTICS.