iFixTech Present Help

Broken your Christmas present already? Research shows you’re not alone – however, iFixTech are here to help!

Research conducted by iFixTech has found that 1 in 10 presents that were received over Christmas was broken by the New Year. Furthermore, more than 4m people in the UK received or bought a tablet at Christmas time whilst smartphones and laptops also remained among the most popular Christmas gifts last year. As such if you have broken your technological present already, the chances are you are not alone.

At iFixTech we have noticed a definite influx of people coming to us this January for help with broken Christmas presents. Cracked tablet and smartphone screens have been one of the most common problems, however, we’ve also had other gifts come into our store with software problems and more.

If your Christmas present has suffered an early breakage come visit one of our stores located here. We offer a variety of services to fix your Laptop, Apple Mac, Tablet, iPad, Smartphone or iPhone and are more than happy to help.