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The Laptop Fixers are re-branding to iFixTech

Over ten years ago, Paul Betteridge worked part time repairing and supplying laptops.  95% of all repairs and sales were laptops and the laptop market was booming!  As Paul received more and more repairs, it was make or break time, go full time with his repair business or continue as a software developer.  This was an easy choice and The Laptop Fixers was born!  The Laptop Fixers name was chosen because it “Does exactly what it says on the tin”.

The Laptop Fixers have been at the forefront of the repair industry repairing every make and model of laptop and desktop PC and would often get enquiries for other unrelated devices such as game consoles, servers, photo recovery from usb sticks and more.  The Laptop Fixers became known locally as the “go-to” for all tech repairs… not just laptops!

In 2010, the Apple iPhone and iPad was a massive global success and this forced a lot of phone manufacturers to adapt or die.  Samsung in particular released their Galaxy range of smart phones and Tablets also the same year and the mobile device boom began.

The Laptop Fixers started to see a shift from desktops and laptop repairs to tablets, iPads, iPhones and mobile devices.  Being a small locally owned company, with no red tape or shareholders to please, it was easy to adapt their repair offerings to keep up with the fast paced and ever changing world of technology which needed a fast and quality repair service!  Mid-2017, The Laptop Fixers mobile device repairs accounts for 70% of all repairs booked into their two shops.  Laptops accounted for just 25% and game consoles, GHDs, drones, data recovery and more obscure repairs the less than <5%.

After seeing out a recession, a global financial crisis and in 2017 deeply locked into the Brexit downturn, The Laptop Fixers have adapted to what world economy has thrown at them, sourcing parts and adapting their repair service for the latest tech but also ensuring they are there for customers using older tech. The financial downturns worked to The Laptop Fixers benefit, they saw a big drop in device replacement, but a massive increase in device repairs!

However,  the name The Laptop Fixers now is over ten years old…  laptops are no longer the primary repair so it was time to re-think a new name, a name that will work with all technology and instantly tell you what we do and like the original name “Does exactly what it says on the tin”.

Say hello to iFixTech.

This is exactly what we do, fix tech.  We want to keep the in-person aspects the same, you come and visit one of our shops and you get to speak to the same person who fixed your device last time.  So when you come back and speak to us and see iFixTech, this really does mean “I Fixed Your Tech”!

This personal approach is what separates us from the big computer superstores!  At iFixTech you speak and deal with the same person every time you visit us.  Building a trusting bond and relationship with your regular in-store technician ensuring the issue you describe is 100% understood and fixed.  We take great pride in data privacy and protection and at all times we ensure your device is 100% cared for and back with you quickly.  Whereas the big computer superstore will ship your precious device off to a repair centre hundreds of miles away with someone you do not know or trust having full access to your most sensitive, private and personal information stored on your device and off course hoping that your original instructions are correctly passed down and carried out by the technician hundreds of miles away!

This is our brief story and we really look forward to the next 10 years working with you.

Paul Betteridge
Owner / Managing Director
iFixTech (formally The Laptop Fixers)