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Automatic photos & files backup

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Unlimited Computers, PC and Mac plus there's apps for your iPhone, iPad and Android phone.

There's no limit to how many computers you install Livedrive to - you get 250GB data to use across all your computers!  This is equivalent to 16,000 photos!

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Online Backup

Automatic and Secure

Livedrive automatic backup keeps copies of your files safe and encrypted in UK data centres.  Its really simply to restore your lost of delete files back to your computer.

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Access your files from anywhere

Your online briefcase is a bit like a USB stick - but virtual and online.  You simply drop and drag your files into your briefcase and you can access them from anywhere, from any computer, mobile phone or tablet. You can even edit documents, photos, watch movies and listen to music right from your web browser. 

If you install Briefcase onto more than one PC, the files are the same on each computer - files changed on one machine updates on all the others automatically!


Unlimited Computers

250GB Cloud Storage

£4.99 per month

Backup & Briefcase

Unlimited Computers

250GB Cloud Storeage

Tablet & Mobile Backups

512GB Briefcase Storage

£9.99 per month