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iFixTech in Poole, Dorset

The Laptop Fixers are re-branding to iFixTech

By Paul Betteridge | Nov 10, 2017

Over ten years ago, Paul Betteridge worked part time repairing and supplying laptops.  95% of all repairs and sales were laptops and the laptop market was booming!  As Paul received more and more repairs, it was make or break time, go full time with his repair business or continue as a software developer.  This was…

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Repair Technician Jobs

Looking for a job fixing iPhones, iPads, PCs and Macs

By Paul Betteridge | Sep 28, 2017

We are currently looking to hire a part time repair technician.  You must have experience repairing devices and diagnosing computer issues.  You will be working in a customer facing environment.  If you think you can repair dozens of devices every day then get in touch.  Apply here.

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Please Leave us a Review

Please leave us a review

By Paul Betteridge | Sep 19, 2017

Reviews are important to us as your feedback ensures we maintain our very high standards and we would be very grateful if you can spare a few seconds and leave a review of our services. Please visit our feedback page and leave us a review on Google, Yell, Facebook or Which?

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Why Do People Create Viruses?

By Paul Betteridge | Sep 19, 2017

What motivates people to create computer viruses and what benefit they get out of it. Check out our newsletter here Financial Gain – Virus creators want to make money and they do this by grabbing your login details or credit card info.    Once they have the info they need, they can transfer your money…

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windows updates

Why Your Windows Updates Are More Important Than Ever

By Paul Betteridge | May 29, 2017

Just one simple security patch, issued by Microsoft months before the global WannaCry cyber attack was all it took to prevent WannaCry from getting onto your PC and prevent it from spreading globally – however, many computers did not have the latest updates which caused a massive breach in the network the computer was linked…

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Keep your tech clean

How To Keep Your Tech Squeaky Clean

By Paul Betteridge | May 29, 2017

Its important to keep your tech clean which helps reduces overheating and also ensures your computer and tech lasts longer.  Check out our latest newsletter below with some great tips to keep your squeaky clean. Newsletter: How To Keep Your Tech Squeaky Clean

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How Do I Prevent Ransomware

By Paul Betteridge | May 12, 2017

Chances are, you know someone, or an organisation who has suffered from a ransomware attack.  Today’s cyber attack on the NHS proves that anyone is a target!  Check out this guide on how to prevent Ransomware. What is Ransomware? Ransomware is installed software which quite literally holds your computer to ransom by locking your computer and encrypting…

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6 Brilliant Ways Managed Services Can Work For You

How Many Good Battery Habits Do You Really Have?

By Paul Betteridge | Apr 28, 2017

Batteries are the life of your laptop and mobile phone – something you hardly every notice or even talk about – until they are drained – then you’ll desperately start begging everyone for a charger hoping to get enough juice to see you until the end of the day! Check out our latest newsletter giving you some…

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Happy Easter

Easter Opening

By Paul Betteridge | Apr 11, 2017

We would like to wish all our customers a Happy Easter.  Please note our opening hours over Easter: Our Hours: Thursday 13th: As Normal, 9am to 6pm Good Friday 14th: Closed Saturday 15th: 9am to 2pm Easter Sunday 16th: Closed Easter Monday 17th: Closed Tuesday 18th: As Normal, 9am-6pm

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