Sell Your Laptop

Convert your old laptop to cash today!   We buy most laptops and desktop computers.  If you have one gathering dust and want us to give you an evaluation please complete the details below.  You can also pop your device into any shop for evaluation.  With all laptops purcahsed from you, we also ensure your data is destroyed using military grade data destruction ensuring your data is gone forever!

Sell Your Laptop


The Laptop Fixers / iFixTech will exactly pay as per our quote but we reserve the right to change the price if when we inspect the machine your description does not match our inspection.

All laptops are fully inspected on arrival to ensure they match the information you provide.

All received items are checked against the police and insurance databases.  Any system flagged will be handed over to the police with details of the sender’s name and address.

The Laptop Fixers can cancel and refuse any quote at any time.  If your quote is cancelled and there are no conflicts with any other terms we shall return your laptop at our expense.

The Laptop Fixers takes no responsibility for laptops lost, delayed or damaged in transit if shipped direct to us.

By submitting your details you agree to the terms.