How to Stream the World Cup (also from outside the UK)

The 2018 World Cup is here and all games are being broadcast live on BBC and ITV free to air.  This guide will explain how you can catch up or watch the football live from your computer or tablet.

For a list of all the games time scroll down to the bottom of this post.

Live Streaming in the UK

If you want to watch the games live from your computer then I recommend the following sites:

On your computer:

BBC iPlayer

ITV Player

TV Catchup – Watch all FreeView

From your Games Console:

If you use an XBOX then Microsoft’s recently released OneGuide will be what you want to use.  If you are using a PS4 then BBC Sports app is available to download from the store.

From your Smart Phone / Tablet:

For both iPhone and Android Phones, both ITV Player and iPlayer have apps available from the store for you to download.  TV Catchup also has an App for both iOS and Android.

Live Streaming from OUTSIDE of the UK

If you are away on holiday and still want to watch the World Cup then your options are limited if your resort / hotel do not show the games.

Due to TV rights, you cannot use iPlayer, ITV Player or TV Catchup outside of the UK however there is a workaround!

Hola! is your answer!  Hola! is a free VPN proxy which makes your computer “seem” it is in another country.  Simply install it and set your location to the UK for streaming from the websites above.

Hola! is available for Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Android, Windows 8 and Mac OS.

Another great use of Hola! is to use it in the UK to stream content from USA websites such as Netflix giving you 1000’s of more titles to choose from you wouldn’t normally get from Netflix UK.

Catch Up of Missed World Cup Matches

Missed a game, not a problem.  BBC and ITV offer a catch up service through their online players where you can watch any missed games.

World Cup 2018 Fixtures

Finally, below is a list of every World Cup 2018 match including kick off time and which TV channel will be showing the games live (group games only).


June 18th 7pm — Tunisia 1 v England 2

June 24th 1pm — England 6 v Panama 1

June 26th 7pm — England 0 v Belgium 1

July 3rd 7pm — Knockout First Round – Columbia 1 v England 1 (England Win on penalties 3-4)

July 7th 7pm — Quarter Finals — Sweden v England