Why Is Google Showing Websites as Not Secure

Why Are Google Forcing You To Have an SSL Certificate on your Website?

If you don’t have a SSL Certificate then google will be flagging your site as Not Secure and your search engine ranking can be affected.

You may have noticed from July 2018 many websites you visit are showing as Not Secure in Google Chrome browser?  In fact, 2/3rds of most websites in July 2018 are not protected with SSL Certificates – even popular websites like Daily Mail are still showing as Not Secure.  You can see a list of the world’s top ranking sites not secure here https://whynohttps.com/ which currently includes Daily Mail and Speedtest.net (a broadband speed test I use almost daily!).

Why are they showing as Not Secure?

The latest version of Google’s web browser, Chrome 68, is taking on one of the web most important issue: encryption.  The latest version of Chrome 68 released on 24th July 2018 is showing any websites that don’t use Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) by default as Not Secure.   Even as I write this (11th August 2018) there are some big company websites still not showing as secure such as Daily Mails website.

daily mail not secure

Daily Mail website is still showing as not secure (August 2018)


Why Is it Important to Secure your site?

secure site using SSL

Google loves their users and they are protecting its users from potential malicious or compromised websites where you enter any private information like your email or phone number in a contact form.    By showing that your site is Not Secure your users and any potential customers can see this as “you don’t care for their security” and this may put them off using your site or making a sale.

Having protection in place shows that your site is trusted and gives peace of mind to your website users.

Do I need to worry about it?

If your website accepts user info such as a contact form, or a login, search bar etc then YES you need to make sure your site is secure.  Pretty much all websites have a contact form these days.

How Do I go about protecting my site?

You can purchase a SSL Certificate from your website hosting company.  They are usually billed annually.  However, buying the certificate does not mean all is good.  You still need to install it and configure it to work on your site.  Then there is the process of converting any images or links to pages that still link to the non-secure HTTP version of your pages and images.

How Can iFixTech Help?

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