World Backup Day – 31st March

Its World Backup Day on 31st March and to celebrate we are offering half price data backup with all jobs booked in.  Now is the time to ensure you have your precious photos and documents backed up.  Remember, hard disks can fail at anytime and without warning.  Don’t leave it until its too late!

I  recommend keeping your photos and data in at least 3 locations;  [1] a local copy on your computer, and [2] external hard disk drive or USB drive and [3] to the cloud.

[1] Local Copies  – ensure your computer is virus free with the best internet security software installed and your operating system and applications are up to date.  This will help prevent nasty viruses and ransomware finding their way onto your computer.  An unprotected system could get infected and Ransomware will literally hold your files and photos to ransom in a non-readable encrypted format until you pay a fee to (possibly) release them back in a readable format (remember the NHS computers being infected with Ransomware virus in 2017 bringing the entire NHS down for a few days!).

[2] External Hard Disk Drive or USB Drive – making a copy of your files is a must. Some external drives that are left plugged in can have the databackup automated so you don’t have to remember to do this.    It is recommended to keep two drives handy, backup to one drive and keep it in a different location to your computer.  Backup to the other drive and swap the drives over often so you will always have a recent backup.  Being a manual process, its often easy to ignore and “I’ll do this tomorrow” never comes.

[3] Cloud Backup – this is my recommended backup method.  Not only does this work automatically in the background, but the data is stored encrypted off-site in multiple data centres around the world.  In the event of a data centre going down, you can still get access to your data with no interruptions from a duplicate server located elsewhere in the world!  Being off-site means if your computer is lost of stolen or you have a house fire – your precious wedding photos or baby’s first day photos are the least of your worries as you can simply restore back to your new computer.  Our choice of data backup service is Livedrive which is an actual backup service (not a sync service like dropbox or google drive).  This means that you can restore files and edits your files up to 50 revisions ago and data is stored on military grade encrypted servers making your data very secure (more secure than your home computer!).

If you are looking for help and advice with your data backup – home or business – get in touch today and we can make sure your data is backed for your total peace of mind.